How it works

Taskmatix is warranty management solutions. It’s using cloud based software to manage repetitive, manual after sales service tasks from a central online portal. The following tasks will run as optimised processes:

  • Claims capture
  • Claims tracking
  • Communicate with dealers/service desk
  • Registration (coming soon)
After Sales Service Taskmatix Dashboard
After Service Taskmatix Dashboard

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Taskmatix is ready-to-go, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Signing up to our free trial is a great way to experience Taskmatix. You can test if it helps your business without having to make a commitment.

We’ll help you on-board to so you can make a more informed purchase decision, while also feeling more comfortable doing so.

Manage users and team easily from your workspace

Accessible from any device

Software as a Service (SaaS) can deliver this automation from the Cloud. Be able to access your warranty management solutions from anywhere and any device. For example, laptops, mobiles and tablets which are connected to the Internet.

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