Grow your revenue for free by creating customer evangelists

Congratulations! You’ve launched a great product and your sales are increasing. But there’s a lot of competition in your sector. How will you take your business to the next level of growth or better still start scaling? To stand out from your crowd of business rivals a successful strategy is creating customer evangelists for yourContinue reading “Grow your revenue for free by creating customer evangelists”

Engines of growth for businesses

Job losses, due to the upheaval of the Covid Pandemic, have driven people to establish new businesses, many that sell products. The race is on for market share and investment funds. It’s essential to understand engines of growth for businesses to succeed. These are the mechanisms that will achieve sustainable success.  An effective marketing campaignContinue reading “Engines of growth for businesses”

Beat your competition with warranty management solutions

As a product business owner you may consider warranties as an unimportant part of operating your business. Yet warranties are crucial for the success of selling products. Warranty management solutions can make this easy and affordable. For customers, warranties create trust in the company. Consequently, they are also assured that what they buy will beContinue reading “Beat your competition with warranty management solutions”