Issue and Warranty Management Software for SME product businesses

Eliminate manual, repetitive post sales tasks

Transform SME warranty management to save resources and deliver exceptional customer service. Analyse claims data to identify issues to fix and save on quality related costs.

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What is Taskmatix?

Taskmatix is a risk reduction software tool for small-medium product businesses. It manages post sales problems and streamlines communications with customers & partners, all from one platform.

Data can be analysed to spot issue trends to be rectified. This will reduce quality-related costs such as replacement, refunds and repairs.

Scale your business

Reduce the cost of servicing each client. This results in consistent revenue growth without a lot more expenses.

Drive improvements

Use analysis from claims reporting for product enhancements. Identify and eliminate costly defects.

Optimise resources

Spend more time on growth activities and strategic planning instead of routine business processes.

Efficient collaboration

No more forgotten issues. Track warranty status and follow up with partners. All in a central system.

Create evangelists

Generate 5 star reviews with service excellence & high quality. 95% of buyers read reviews before purchasing.

Increase value

Collect valuable customer data with warranty registrations. Collecting consumer data gathers worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taskmatix warranty management software?

Taskmatix is software that streamlines manual day to day post sales queries and warranty tasks. This includes claims capture and communication with customers, dealers and repairers.

The accurate collection of product issue data reported by customers allows the analysis of requests. This will highlight manufacturing or supplier problems to be addressed. Taskmatix Software as a Service allows valuable business data to be collected and stored securely in the Cloud.

Taskmatix can be used from all devices connected to the internet. This can be from any location.

How do I start using Taskmatix?

We suggest signing up to a free 30 day trial. Our team provides “concierge” on-boarding. So after you contact us we’ll work with you to personally set up a Taskmatix workspace for your users. We then give you a guided tour of the product to get you going.

How can Taskmatix reduce the cost of running my business?

Taskmatix will digitise and streamline manual post sales processes with:

  • e-forms claims capture
  • dashboard tracking of issue and warranty requests
  • centralised email communication with customers and partners

By using high productivity software you’ll spend less money on staff.

How can Taskmatix increase the time I spend on growth activities?

Streamlining and digitising manual steps in the warranty claim process will free up valuable resources within your team to focus on strategic planning instead.

Why should I focus on warranties?

To gain a competitive edge. Your business will improve service delivery and optimise costs. In addition, it will drive product innovation by collecting and analysing customer feedback.

The benefits include:

  • Increased staff retention as they are relieved of repetitive tasks.
  • Boost creativity as staff work on more valuable activities.
  • Save wasted staff time (at say $40/hour). This is far more expensive than the cost of Taskmatix software.
  • Improved customer service experience results in more referrals.
  • Ability to scale the business. Service more customers without increasing resources.
  • Improved visibility and communication between manufacturers, dealers, repairers and internal staff.
  • Accelerate product improvements with collected issue data.
  • Identify and eliminate products that have a high return rate. Therefore increasing customer satisfaction.
How can an e-bike distributor use Taskmatix?
  1. Lenny’s company is a distributor of e-bikes. Dealers email him warranty claims submitted by customers. Each day he wastes time printing and emailing to and fro. Sometimes he loses track of claims. As a result customers complain.
  2. Lenny signs up to Taskmatix.com. Our on-boarding team works with Lenny to setup his Taskmatix workspace and setup up user accounts for his dealers and his team.
  3. Subsequently, Taskmatix’s online claims forms, auto email notifications & management dashboard are enabled.
  4. Data is safely collected and stored in the cloud.
  5. Reports are analysed to identify issues to fix. As a result product quality increases.
  6. After that, Lenny is freed up to work on growing the business. Meanwhile revenue, profit and staff satisfaction increases.

The following businesses that offer warranties can benefit from Taskmatix:

  • Smart mobility – bikes, e-bikes/e-scooters
  • Clean tech – battery storage, solar panels, wind power turbines
  • e-car and e-motorcycle dealerships
  • Electronics Retailers
  • Building Trades

How can Taskmatix help me increase sales?

Over 90% of buyers reference online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Taskmatix will help you generate 5 star rating evangelists for your company by:

  • streamlining post sales issues and warranty claims to ensure issues are resolved quickly. Rapid resolution of problems makes a happy customer!
  • improve product quality and reliability by collecting and analysing customer issue data.

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